Sunday, March 10, 2013

Bio Poetry

We have been creating poetry about ourselves over the past two are a few to wet your appetite!



Wishes to fly

Dreams of eating two tubs of ice-cream
Wants to bungy-jump

Who wonders what the future will be like

Who fears maths and big numbers

Who is afraid of big spiders

Who likes milkshakes, thick and frothy
Who believes in dragons

Who loves her family very much
Who loves her kittens
Who loves drawing
Who loves ice-cream

Who plans to get a good job
Who plans to go to Australia again
Who plans to live a long and happy life

Whose final destination is to be at home with her family.



Wishes to be a trillionaire

Dreams of being famous
Wants to travel around the world

Who wonders about Matthias

Who fears falling from high places

Who is afraid of crabs

Who likes chocolate melting in the sun
Who believes in the Easter Bunny

Who loves soccer
Who loves ice-cream
Who loves food
Who loves family

Who plans to live in a mansion
Who plans to be the richest person in the world
Who plans to get flash bikes

Whose final destination is Honolulu, Hawaii.

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