Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Getting to Know........

Here is another instalment of fabulous poetry from our class.........

Getting to know Janae

Jolly Janae loves to play,
Active and ready for my sports,
Noisy and nice,
Achieving my work,
Enjoys eating.

Getting to know Jared

Jabber box when I get too excited,
Active and always works hard,
Really excited about Stockcars,
Enjoys driving the hay truck and tractors around the farm,
Drove my Mum's car through the fence.

Getting to know Joshua

Jovial over everything,
Outstanding public speaker,
Social bug,
Has a passion for fashion,
Usually wears a jersey,
Always has a soft side and very empathetic.

Getting to know Heath

Has an extensive family
Eats delicious caramel chocolate
Always competitive in all sports I play
Thoughtful and kind
Hopes to be a Corporate Lawyer.

Getting to know James

Jelly-Tip ice cream YUUUUMMMM
Awesome at playing Black Ops
Master at playing soccer
Eats chocolate endlessly
Shooting targets in the bullseye.

Getting to know Henrietta

Hungry for hamburgers and ice cream
Enjoys climbing up trees and swinging down branches
Noisy and destroying little sisters' rooms
Running up and down in a friendly forest
Including people in interesting games
Enjoys cycling around town
Trying hard at everything
Totally not tall
Annoying my Dad to the limits.

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