Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The shower from hell. By Kennedy.

As I crawled like a zombie into the bathroom I turned on the shower and after a while I got into the hot, steamy cubical.  I suddenly woke up completely.  I reached for the shampoo, I felt warmth.  I thought maybe its just the warmth of the hot water in the shower. So I carried on, as I rubbed the shampoo into my hair, the water got cooler then it went freezing.

I quickly grabbed the side of the shower, my hand latched onto a razor, it sliced my hand.
There was blood pouring out of my cold, pale hand.
It wouldn't stop bleeding but the blood slowed down a little bit.
I'd never had a shower like this, they're never bad.
I started to shave my legs, I was slowly dragging the razor up to the top of my leg.
It was grating off skin layer by layer, like finely sliced pieces of cheese.
All I could see was the flesh, muscle and fat of my leg.

As I scrambled out of the shower, dried myself and put on my dressing gown, I realised I was just imagining it.
None of it was actually real.
I must not have woken up properly, I think I was still dreaming.

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