Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Colour Poetry

One of our writing tasks over the past two weeks has been linked to poetry.  We have been exploring how colours make us think of certain things and looking at ways we can reflect that in the vocabulary we choose to use.

Here are seven examples from our class...........

Colour Poem by Olivia

Black smooth feathers fall
as the raven flies past.
Grey flat stones and pebbles
at the bottom of the river.

Yellow like the rays of sun
streaming through my curtain.
Red like my sister's blanket
thrown on her bedroom floor.

Colour Poem by Ashlyn

Fern is a mild, calm of a leaf
newly green, fallen from the tree.
Blue is a baby bluebell blowing in the breeze.
Yellow is a daisy, dainty in the palm of my hand.
Delicate, dreamy, bright, precious.
Lilac is a lavender a little girl picks
soft, warm, calming as her baby boots.

Colour Poem by Grace

Black is the colour of the blanket that covers the sun when it goes to sleep.
Silver is the stars and the moon shining through the night.
Yellow is the streetlamp that brightly guides the way for busy travelers.
White are the angel's wings gliding down to sing.

Colour Poem by Kaleb

Black is the feared darkness 
consuming everything within.
Turquoise is cool water
trickling through the cave.

Camo is the used uniform
protecting all our homes.
Grey creates the clouds
that caused the world's great floods.

Colour poem by Morgan

Blue is the sky on the sunny with no clouds.
Black is the night when the sun has gone with no light left.
Grey is the colour when it's raining on a miserable day.
Whit is the snow floating  from the sky, gently touching the ground.

A Summer at the Beach by Brieanna

Teal is the shimmering sea
lapping gently against the shore.
Lemon os the tiny grains of sand
invading everyone's possessions.

Scarlett is the red hot sunburn
infecting all bare skin
Pearl is the shining shells
crunching under your feet.

Colour Poem by Alina

Silver is the shimmering diamond
nestled in a ring on a bride's finger.

Teal is the colour of the Fijian ocean -
It's like getting into a giant bath.

Brown is a summary deck
that's just had a fresh coat of paint.

Red is a blooming rose
growing rapidly in your garden.


  1. I love your poetry Room 6. You have put some excellent thinking into your descriptions.

  2. Room 6, you have had an incredibly successful start to the year. Maintain your enthusiasm for learning and doing the best you can. Well done. Mr Orr.