Wednesday, February 20, 2013

People Poetry

Our second poetry challenge involved us choosing someone to describe using a variety of similes.

Here are five of them to enjoy......

by James

His hair is like grass, short and wavy.
HIs legs are like bushes, long and prickly.
His eyes are like the sun, bright and warm.
His laugh is like a playground, fun and playful.
His voice is like Bugs Bunny, squeaky and annoying.
His feet are like a cheetah's feet, big and hairy.
His muscles are like sausages, weak and small.
His arms are like a tree, thick and bushy.
His smile is like ice, cold and frightening.
His brain is like a computer, calculating the maths.

By Kurtis

His smile is like the ocean, big and welcoming.
HIs eyes are like flashlights beaming in the night.
His hair is like a prickly tennis ball getting hit back and forth.
His feet are like paddles pushing him through the water.
His arms are like power-poles, tall and strong.
His hands are like sandpaper scraping paint off wood.
His heart is like a warm soft pillow that you lay your head on at night.
His laugh is like a morepork waking you up at night.
HIs legs are like titanium, indestructable.
His hugs are like blankets, warm and cuddly.

By Paige

Her voice is like the Incredible Hulk, loud and shaky.
Her eyes are like melted chocolate, bubbly and wide.
Her hair is like hot cocoa, creamy and sweet.
Her lips are like cherries, red and small.
Her dimples are like gumdrops, cute and lovable.
Her eyelashes are like little butterflies fluttering in the breeze.
Her legs are like toothpicks, long and slim.
Her cheeks are like pink roses, soft and light.
Her frown is like and empty hallway, dark and endless.
Her smile is like a ray of sunshine, bright and joyful.

By Maree

Her hair is like dark hot chocolates.
Her eyes are like the healthy dark soil.
Her hug is like a warm crackling fire.
Her smile is like a lion capturing its prey.
Her nose is like a button, cute and round.
Her voice is like a tissue, soothing and soft.
Her lips are like rubies shining in the sun.
Her laugh is like a coffee, really frothy and bubbly.
Her eyelashes are like wires, counted one by one.
Her arms are like the colour of the sand.

By Jenna

Her face is like a light, glowing and bright.
Her skin is like sand, soft and tan.
Her hair is like a basket, woven with plaits.
Her heart is like a fire, warm and comforting.
Her eyes are like the stars, bright and sparkly.
Her legs are like wheels, strong and fast.
Her teeth are like picket fences, straight and white.
Her laugh is like lightning, loud and proud.
Her smile is like the sun, shining all day long.
Her personality is like candyfloss, sweet and fluffy.

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